The Snider Diaries Ch 1.2

Dear Diary,

I have just started a job! I didn’t really think of myself as a spectacular athlete, but at tryouts, they told me I have potential. So I took the job and I started training right away. I have begun building my house. Right now it’s just a small room, but once I start getting promotions it should start looking more like a home


Oh, and by the way. I adopted a new dog named Kimo. Sure my home is small and poorly decorated, but it feels a lot homier with a dog here.

Total Legacy points: 1
Points broken down- Generation points: 1, Lifetime wants points: 0, Portraits points: 0, Legacy House points (household funds): 0, and Aspiration points: 0

Paisley Snider (Founder Generation 1)

  • Age: Young Adult
  • Traits: Athletic, bookworm, loves dogs, loves the outdoors, social butterfly
  • Lifetime Want – Become superstar athlete
  • Horoscope: Virgo
  • Skills: Athletic (Level 2)
  • Job: Rapid Fan (Professional Sports Level 1)
  • Partner: none






Map: Lucky Palm


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