The Snider Diaries- Chapter 1.1 Introducing Paisley

Dear diary,

I have finally “moved” out of my parents’ house. I got a stellar deal on this giant piece of land in Lucky Palm! It’s just too bad that it cost me all of my savings!  Oh well, it is time for me to become independent and find my own way! Today I start by finding a career that I will love and starting to work on the skills needed to master it!


Total Legacy points: 1
Points broken down- Generation points: 1, Lifetime wants points: 0, Portraits points: 0, Legacy House points (household funds): 0, and Aspiration points: 0

Paisley Snider (Founder Generation 1)

  • Age: Young Adult
  • Traits: Athletic, bookworm, loves dogs, loves the outdoors, social butterfly
  • Lifetime Want – Become superstar athlete
  • Horoscope: Virgo
  • Skills: none
  • Job: unemployed
  • Partner: none



Map: Lucky Palm


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