The Snider Diaries Ch 1.5

Dear Diary,

I am trying really hard to be happy about my birthday, but I can’t! I cannot believe I am considered middle aged now! I thought I would have accomplished so much more! I thought I would have completed my life goal and have a fancy house, but instead, I’m still working towards that goal and I live in a one bedroom one bath. My poor puppy is getting old too, he just became an elder. I am afraid that he’s gonna pass soon 😦 getting old sucks!




Total Legacy points: 1
Points broken down- Generation points: 1, Lifetime wants points: 0, Portraits points: 0, Legacy House points (household funds): 0, and Aspiration points: 0

Paisley Snider (Founder Generation 1)

  • Age: Adult
  • Occult: Human
  • Traits: Athletic, bookworm, loves dogs, loves the outdoors, social butterfly
  • Lifetime Want – Become superstar athlete
  • Horoscope: Virgo
  • Skills: Athletic (Level 8), Cooking (level 2), painting (level 2), handiness (level 2)
  • Job: Starter (Professional Sports Level 6)
  • Partner: Clark Snider
  • Celebrity: 2/5
  • Lifetime points: 30,000

Clark Snider (Founder’s spouse generation 1)

  • Age: Adult
  • Occult: Witch
  • Traits: Clumsy, Easily Impressed, handy, lucky, party animal
  • Lifetime want: Swimming in Cash
  • Horoscope: Sagittarius
  • Skills: Cooking (level 1), Fishing (level 1)
  • Job: Filing Clerk (Bussiness Level 2)
  • Partner Paisley Snider
  • Celebrity: 0/5
  • Lifetime points: 13,000


List of mods: Shiorysm’s Uni Degree benefits, Dramatic_Gamer’s Sims 3 violence and aggression and Passion and Romance, mikey’s Smartphone camera upgrade, Smop95’s new sliders for dogs tails, Icarusallsorts’ fun in the sun, serve meal, beach towel buyable and jogging markers, nnediz babysitting mod, Areeness Paw slider, Sweetdevil’s shiftable sketches, Arsil’s take a stroll, Bludhound’s change at home after work, Nikel23’s opportunity phone call fix, , Ani’s have coffee with me, Nraas (master controller, woohooer, tattoos expanded, saver, once read, register, overwatch) Sim Mx’s zodiacs that match seasons, and Buckley’s Fixes for Three EA Wall Sets from the Base Game and Ambitions



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