The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

All of this information was copied from The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge (please click the link for a more detailed description). I did not make any of these rules myself! And I am merely typing them for your convenience and to help me memorise all rules before starting!


Begin by creating a new family…

  • Create one sim, you may choose all traits and favourites for this sim only!
  • Your family must remain the active household the entire challenge.
  • The family can be placed in any empty lot, but you must use familyFunds to set their bank account to $1,300


  • No cheating, unless…
    • to set income to $1,300 at the start of the game
    • to reset sims who have bugged out
  • You may not extend your sims life in any form unless turning them supernatural…
    • No Ambrosia (you may learn it but never cook it)
    • Death Flower cannot be left in inventory
    • No resurrections
    • You may not eat life fruit
    • You can only age up a sim via birthday cake when you are prompted to
  • You may not purchase any of the following  lifetime rewards
    •  Inheritance
    • Dusty old lamp
    • immortal
    • age freeze
    • moodlet manager (may be used on nonfamily sims only)
    • clone voucher (may be allowed but this sim does not count towards legacy points)
  • You may sell things you have stolen or rummaged
  • Moving Sims may move in via marriage unless…
    • they are sims made by player/downloaded
    • had previously been part of the legacy home but moved out
    • Or are identified as rich by your sim
  • Supernaturals are allowed, but can also be turned off at players discretion
  • You may not use any mods that make the game easier
  • Anything from the Sims Store may be used


Challenge Concepts…

  • Generation – Starts with the original CAS as generation one, this is the founder. Ends as soon as Generation 10 is born
  • Heir – the sim who will take the place of the founder once they are married
  • Spare – Siblings of the heir who may take the heir’s place if s/he dies. May earn legacy points.
  • Fed to the time stream – Sims who were once in the legacy house but moved out. These may never move back into the house and cannot earn points once they have left the house.
  • Blood Line – Sims who can connect their family tree directly to the founder or are the mate of a founder/heir. These can collect legacy points
  • Mate – person who has offspring with the founder/heir



  • Generation – You will earn one point for each generation (max of 10 points)
  • Lifetime wants – you earn one point for each unique lifetime want completed
  • Portraits – You earn one point for each portrait of a young adult, (or older) who is living in the house, hung and left hanging in the house. This can apply to sculptures and books (autobiographies or biographies)
  • Legacy Home – You earn 1 point for every $100,00 net worth (max of 20 points = $2,000,000)
  • Aspiration Points – You earn 1 point for every 100,00 aspiration point earned (max of 2 = 200,000 aspiration points)


Birth and growing up …

  • You must use the random button to assign traits to all sims other than the founder


Death …

  • You may leave tombstones on lot or cemetery
  • You may not paint portraits of ghosts
  • If the bloodline is cut short by death, the challenge ends


Bringing in the next generation…

  • You may adopt, birth, or engineer children
  • You do not have to move a male mate into the home. You must move female mate into the home